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Richard III Scenic Design, at the World Stage Design Exhibit, 2013

Figure 1,2,3,4 productions pictures; fig.5 ground Plan; Fig. 6,7 Renderings; fig.8 model.


The relationship between audience, space and performer is also a central consideration of mine. The set acts as a playground that actors and director can activate and where they have the opportunity to propose innovative staging. The set for William Shakespeare’s Richard III, directed by David Jaffe and performed at the Center for the Arts Theater in 2010, consisted of a multi-level arena stage that emulated a surgical amphitheater. Its sharp verticality established a clear power dynamic between the actors’ bodies, the audience and stage. Spectators witnessed the actors’ actions while always aware of each other’s presence.  This set was selected to be part of a juried exhibit at World Stage Design.

Vectorworks Renderings
Scale Model 1/4"=1'0"

Model built utilizing 3D-printing technology and laser cutter, as well as conventional model-making techniques

Ground Plan Scale1/4"=1'0"
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